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So it took me long enough, but with today's submission the main part of the World Cup Girl Hunt project is finally complete.

It feels a bit silly for this summer project to finish in early December, but the biggest reason for that is how much I underestimated the amount of story there would be.

Before it started I made a practise run with fully published characters and different areas, and estimated that a full story would be around 15,000 words. But I hadn't realised how much detail could be written about everyone's OC girls, or the interactions that would take place between them over the course of a very detailed day. In the end the story wound up being almost five times larger than expected, more than a staggering 72,000 words.

That's almost large enough to be a novel, and a lot of the time I was making a conscious effort to limit the detail. But there was too much story potential for that to do much, and that's thanks to the detailed characters and varied hunt areas you guys provided. Thanks for that, it's made it a fun project to write.

We're not quite done yet, I've got to go back and make a few character-based edits and fix the early maps. I also want to play with stats a little. But there's something more important before that.


For performing particularly well, during the hunt, four of the girls earned their owners a few prizes!

:icondemon-without-horns: :iconzeta-mho:
Courtesy of Violet and Elena finishing in joint 1st place, these two win:
  • Commission funding of up to $50 each!
  • The choice of one of the game's 19 areas to sentence the three losing girls - Fire, Sheilla and Mira Sky - to spend captivity in during a bonus chapter set the day after the hunt!
The commission funding was meant to be for a picture showing either one of the times the winning girl had been caught, or of their enjoying the losers' punishment they choose.
But Violet was only caught in one area and Elena not at all. It doesn't seem fair for the victory prize to star girls who didn't win, so I'd like to discuss other ideas with both of you.

:iconmaster417: :iconmeganekkoplymouth241:
Courtesy of Eria and Cecelia finishing in joint 3rd place, these two win:
  • A 3 month dA subscription gift.
Originally the 3rd place prize was a 1 month gift, but in hindsight that doesn't seem like much, and 3 months isn't much more costly. Let me know when you'd like me to gift it, guys.


Well dA likes to do this, so why don't I?

So if your girl took part, how do you feel about how well she did and what happened to her? I'm interested to know what the girls' creators thought of their adventure.

On the other hand, was there anything that was out-of-character for her, or do you feel she wasn't mentioned or described enough? I will look to fix problems - especially characterisation - before publishing the bonus chapter.

I'm also eager to know, did anyone read along even though they didn't have any girls involved? If so, how did you find the story? Was there any location or event you particularly enjoyed? :)


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VideoGameRyu Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello, Veroom.

How is the update for Tickle Attayo coming along?
If the update is cancelled, I'm fine with that.
Veroom Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Artist
Still planned, other things being looked at before it as usual though.
VideoGameRyu Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Ah, okay.
If you have details about what's done in the update, just let me know.
I think Attayo is eager to be tickled again.
Kinbel Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Gonna reply here so we don't clog the contest endlessly.

Suppose your frustration is justified, but sadly they will ignore it and it just made you come off as... well.. Bitter, as I said.

I can't remember if dA did anything for Father's Day, but like I mentioned, Men's Day isn't really 'international' in my eyes, I hadn't even heard of it before seeing your comment and having to wiki it and notice how new it is and not that widely spread.

But I will take your side on one thing - I hope dA is not siding with feminists on this one because that'd be pretty crazy and well... They'd be in the wrong. Feminism is no longer what it was envisioned to be, and this is coming from a woman. But yeah.

Also wanted to apologize since I guess I came off a bit rude myself with my response, but that's the magic of written words, you can never read the correct tone.

Have a good one.
Veroom Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I don't mind coming off as bitter here, I think for some issues it's an appropriate response. I didn't sense any rudeness from you either, so no worries.

The women's day journal really offended me. The featured poem generalises men as rapists as if only idiots would disagree.

Then the whole journal tries to justify the writer's views with statements like "It's not about women being better than men" and "I would like to address ... the idea that feminism is anti-man." But any professed ambition of being fair and reasonable is really hard to accept after the centrepiece of discussion - the poem - made derogatory comments about men seven times (five of which in the first half) and other women just once at all.

The whole thing was funnier because originally the journal was even more distasteful, including "art" of women kicking men between the legs and other harmful or shaming activities. Yeah, that's not divisive at all... :roll: It seems dA made an effort to tone it down at some point since, but that's just sweeping things under the rug.

Note that this comment doesn't even discuss the points made in the journal or feminism as a concept. I'm just focusing on how offensive its presentation on that day was. The lack of any support for men's day was to be expected - as you say, it's not that big. I blame sexism for that by the way - but I firmly believe that even if it was celebrated as much, dA would either ignore it or use it as another platform to be nasty.
sgtcortez14 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Never Give up, hey, try playing DiDnapper, that may up your mood.
Veroom Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I remember trying that game out years ago, could never really get into it. Just felt like snagging a few sprites and then they were just.. there. Couldn't really do much, you know?
sgtcortez14 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
There is a new version 1.6 on the wikia to download for free and V.1.7 is coming at the end of the year.

Try the new version, it may suprise you.
Veroom Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Looking at the wiki, it still looks a lot like a RPGmaker game with somewhat repetitive elements?
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Razorshade Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Will we ever see the conclusion of the world cup girl hunt? :o
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